About Dr.Kim

World Best Headlight System!

CEO’s Greetings


Hello, This is Gi-Chun Kim,
the representative of Dr-Kim Co.

For more than 10 years, I have devoted myself in taking care of patients as a doctor.
In 2002, when I examined the ear drum of my patient, the idea about shadowless headlight hit my brain.
I just invented the headlight of which two light sources are above and below the level of vision.

In 2006, I established Dr-Kim company for manufacturing the headlight.
Now our product spectrum is expanded to Loupes and Camera system.
Almost all doctor using our products are satisfied with our products fully.

I plan to develop on other items useful for health of mankind.
For us, once a customer, always a customer.
Now and forever we will do our best for you.

Thank you!

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Company History

Now - 2006


  • 03
    Develop dual magnification Loupe with headlamp the first in the world
    Develop FHD HDMI wireless transmission camera the first in the world.


  • 01
    Develop the lightest 4.0X Loupe in the world.


  • 12
    Win a prize for a Million dollars of export
    Establish a corporation in USA


  • 11
    Obtain ISO13485 Certification
    Establish a corporation in China


  • 01
    Develop camera which is located between two light source the first in the world.


  • 01
    Relocate company(Gwangmyeong-si)


  • 05
    Develop C-band headlamp the first in the world.(Patent)


  • 03
    Develop dispersion light source headlamp the first in the world.(Patent)
    Establish Dr-Kim Co.


Address #109, ACE Gwangmyeong Tower, 108 Haan-ro, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do, 14319, Korea
TEL. + 82-2-2611-4755 ~ 6